From vision to reality.

Life Technologies, a $5B global life sciences company, wanted to establish itself as a global leader in online retailing for complex genomic equipment and consumables. We helped Life Technologies achieve that vision with a focused approach to integrating strategic vision, creative conceptualization, and technical know-how.

A refreshed focus on ecommerce.

We started by helping Life Technologies develop a strategy and roadmap to better leverage dotcom as the primary channel for global business transactions. From there, we focused on the user experience. We set out to help Life Technologies create a site experience that rivaled industry leaders from a design and user experience perspective.

Real results. Rave reviews.

For nearly a decade, our role as Life Technologies' exclusive ecommerce partner has helped the company grow to nearly $1.5B in online revenues. The end result hasn't gone unnoticed. Forrester ranked in the top 5% of most usable websites; the site was included in BioInformatics LLC's Top 10 Life Sciences sites; and we were awarded a ComputerWorld Laureate for ecommerce innovation. We've helped Life Technologies set a high bar in the life sciences industry.

“With a focus on faster shopping, enhanced support, easy-to-find content, and elevated markets, the new is improving the customer experience—and increasing profitability.”

Applied Offerings

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  • Digital Content

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  • ComputerWorld Laureate (2010)eCommerce Innovation
  • Top 10 Life Sciences SitesBioInformatics LLC

eCommerce’s streamlined shopping experience offers a faster lane to find virtually everything on your list, improved custom product ordering, shopping by category/application, and access to the latest promotions. Customers can keep their research moving quickly with searchable product FAQs, training courses, and technical references all in one place.